Review of The God Queen by M. L. TISHNER (rebirth # 1)

The God Queen by M. L. TISHNER

Genre: Sci-fi

Publishing date: 22. October 2019

Pages: 432

My rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️

Official synopsis:

Humans have long since spread their numbers among the stars. Now far, far into the future, war has torn the Tyre Star Cluster into two major political factions. The militant Dominion have gained the upper hand in the last decade with the murder of Niklaryn Ettowa, the progressive Federation’s champion. Some considered the war to be almost won.

Yet there are those who claim the war will not be ended by mortals…but by the rebirth of the gods. 

Rei lived most of her life bartending on one Earth’s backwater towns. She daydreams of something more, traveling the stars, and destroying the man who murdered her brother Niklaryn. Her dream is within her grasp only if she accepts her fate as the God Queen.

Bronx is disillusioned with being a reincarnated god, let alone a reaper. He pays his penance by isolating himself and taking up the mantle of a combat medic. When the sister of his old mentor Niklaryn storms in to join the cause will he find something worth fighting for?

Together with others, they must help the Federation tip the scales in their favor, but clashing plans for the gods threatens to tear it all apart.

Jupiter Ascending meets X-Men in this epic New Adult space opera bursting with star-crossed romance, elemental magic, and an adventure across the star cluster, perfect for fans of A Spark of White Fire. 

First of all, thanks to Mari, for sending me an arc of her book all the way from Germany ❤️

Even though, sci-fi is not my go to genre but I still tend to pick up random books from it, from time to time and when I read the synopsis of this book especially the GOD part, I had an sudden urge to read it.

Honestly Speaking, I was not expecting much from it but when I started reading it, I got obsessed with it! and I just wanted to devour all of it in one night but still I took some time because I wasn’t ready at all to finish it so soon and leave that fantastic world!

Everything was super perfect! And also it’s very fast paced and full of sarcastic remarks, I was enjoying every single page of it.

Characters were too real especially Rei and Bronx were so good, I was loving their chemistry throughout the book, their late night chats!! (PS Bronx is one of my fictional boyfriend now 😻)

The world building and all the sci-fi stuff were very well presented, I was extremely fascinated while reading about several planets and GODS!

I devour this book in about 2 days (which is quite impressive on my account because I’m a very slow reader) it’s a very fast pace and full of fascinating things. And now I’m eagerly waiting for next book!!

If you’re into sci-fi genre or a fan of X- Men kinda movies then I’ll definitely recommend you to give this book a try and trust me, you’ll fall in love with it!

PS It’ll come out on 22 October this year.

You can get yours copy from amazon ⬇️

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  1. That’s so funny when you’ll devour a book you didn’t expect to like. This isn’t really my genre either but your review makes me wonder if I’d like it, too. Although these days it’s hard for me to find a time to sit and read. Mostly I’m listening to audiobooks while going to and fro.


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