QnA Session With Annie Woods, The Author Of “The AngelHeart Saga Trilogy” For MLC Tour.

Hello everyone! Today is my stop for ongiong MLC tour for “Beyond Forever” By Annie Woods and i got an opportunity to interview the author! so lets gets started with the interview.

Q. Did you started “first game forever” with the intention that it’ll be a series or you just went with the flow?

The image of Erica and how she moved to US for love came to me on a vacation in California over five years ago. Driving along Highway 1 the plot and the other characters crystalized; how she meets Sasha and falls heads over heels in love with him, but how difficult even such a strong love can be when reality hits with their different worlds. I immediately felt that this story was so strong that I just couldn’t let it go but had to try and write it down. The title First Came Forever came quite quickly too and I soon realized that I wanted to do this as a kind of backward love story, starting with the fairytale love instead of getting Prince Charming as the end game, but showing how hard it is to get fairytale love to work in real life. Especially when Erica gets teamed up with sports jock Tyler for her high school cross country practice and he somehow manages to get under her skin despite her dislike in him.

I started writing the outline for the book already on the plane back to Sweden and instantly fell in love with all the characters and wanted to know what would happen to them, so when I returned home I just kept going and couldn’t stop until I’d written the first book… I also soon realized that it needed to be a series to deal with all the things I came up with for the protagonists… So, yes, I think you can say that it was always meant to be a trilogy.

Q. Who are some of the authors/books who inspired you throughout your writing journey?

I adore and admire YA authors like Becky Albertalli, Rainbow Rowell, Mackenzi Lee, Casey McQuiston and Maggie Steifvater. Recently, I’ve also come across authors like Abdi Nazemian, Bill Koningsberg and Jamie Deacon and their books with amazing LGBTQ representation, which is something I feel very strongly for.

I also have to mention Stephenie Meyer, since the Twilight series was the series that really opened up my eyes for the YA genre, even though I’m not sure that I would love the series quite as much if I reread it now.

But if I have to choose one author, it would have to be J.K. Rowling, for the way she created a whole universe on her own and all the characters that you love and carry with you in your heart forever. With Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling has also helped so many troubled and lonely children, giving them hope and bringing them joy, it’s utterly amazing. There’s even a research study proving that the Harry Potter books help children to be more accepting of LGBTQ persons, so the books are literally making the world a better place!

Q. Do you want to experiment writing in any other genre too or you just want to stick to the YA romance?

I don’t know, really. As it feels right now, I think I will stick to my current genre for the foreseeable future. YA is my favorite genre both to read and to write. I have always loved teenage love stories, with all their intensity and all-consuming feelings; the coming of age and accepting who you are, and the characters you get to know and love and hope for a happy ever after for despite all obstacles in their way. So I’ve always kind of known that I wanted to write in this genre, to tell stories for teenagers as well as for any adult who remembers his or her first crush and the emotions of it all.

Q. What advices/tips would you give to the amateur/new writers?

The best advice I can give is to believe in yourself and never give up on your dream! And to just get into the habit of writing, a little bit every day. It’s really the hard work and actually putting the words in your head down on the paper that makes you a writer. Writing down the initial concept is so much fun, then after that it is basically just a lot of hard work… But just keep in mind the story you want to tell, and that you will get to share it with others when the book comes out, and it will be worth it all!

Q. What is next for you after THE ANGELHEART SAGA series? Are you currently working on any new project?

I’m both very much looking forward to the third book being released and at the same time dreading the empty feeling and how much I will miss my Angelheart friends. I have lived with the story and the characters for so long, that I will surely miss being wrapped up in their world on a daily basis. It will be a very strange feeling to end this trilogy, at the same time as it will be fun and exciting to be able to take on new projects. I actually do have some ideas already for a new book that I’m hoping to pursue. But I might take a little break though before starting on a new book immediately.

That was all! You can snag this amazing sounding trilogy from Amazon:


Thanks for reading this interview and have a great day!

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